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Executive Summary: 

COVID-19 outbreak poses an unprecedented challenge for societies, healthcare-organizations, and economies. Lead by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, engineers and machine learning data scientists we developed an online continuously updated dashboard enabling a dynamic tracking of COVID-19 disease spread coupled with worldwide climate parameters along with a by state analysis for the USA.
Our analysis identified a moderate negative correlation between measures of disease spread and climate parameters. This initial correlation should be cautiously interpreted given the high variance of the data at the initial steps of the outbreak and the dynamic changes in the disease surveillance. The dashboard generated will allow scientists and policymakers to assess the association between climate data and outbreak dynamics worldwide as time goes by.

Updated Results: 

Last Updated:  03/04/2020
Last COVID-19 data (from JHU) updated:  02/04/2020

Pearson Correlation of Replication Rate & Climate Parameters

Pearson Correlation of Rate of Spread & Climate Parameters